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            Hammond Class of '62
            Our years from 1958 to 1962
            This page was last updated on Sunday August 19, 2012
             | MAIN
            | '58 | '59 | '60 | '61 | '62 | '63 | '64 | '65 | '66 | '67 | '68 | '69 | | '71 | '72 | '73 | History | Band |

            CLASS REPRESENTATIVE: Kassy Benson
            FOUND  CLASSMATES: Please forward any NEW information to your Class Rep:
            MISSING CLASSMATES: Please help us locate these classmates by forwarding ANY information you may have to your Class Rep:
            DEPARTED CLASSMATES: Deceased classmate names and information  should  be verified before submission to tour Class Rep.  and all information must be verified before inclusion on the In Memoriam page.
            REUNION COMMITTEE: Tommy Morris  - Chair.,
            Judy Borden Brandt, Janet Devonald Deatherage, Margaret Hudson Dougherty, Bonnie Selinsky Franklin, John Layton, Pat Burdette Layton,
            Betty Carpenter Mucha, Kassy Benson, Susie Williams Cluff
            UPCOMING  REUNION INFO: 50th - June 8-9, 2012,  Marriott Courtyard, Pentagon South, Alexandria, Va. Are you on our mailing list?
            PAST REUNION INFO & PHOTOS: If anyone has any other photos to share, contact your Class Rep:
            Please make sure that Kassy Benson has your current contact information – Kassy's email is KassyBenson@yahoo.com.
            Our 45th reunion was held the weekend of June 22, 23 & 24th, 2007  with an informal Friday night event, and dinner Saturday night at the Courtyard by Marriott – Pentagon South (the old Ramada Inn across from Hammond)
               See below for Reunion Photo Pages.

            '62 HAMMOND 2002 Reunion Photos - 40th Reunion - Saturday, July 13, 2002

            40th Reunion Group Photo

            This group photograph is used with the full
            permission of K. Benson. When and if we get
            a better one, it will be inserted.

            Click to view enlargement, then click 'BACK
            button' to return.)

            A left-click on the thumbnail (small image) will
            provide an enlarged version for better viewing.
            Then, in order to RETURN to this page,
            please left-click the 'BACK BUTTON']


            '62 HAMMOND Previous Reunions Group Photo & Collages
             35th Reunion Group Photos and photo collages from four previous reunions created by Tommy Morris.
            On the large group photo page you will, at your option, be able to view the  NAMES.

            35th -  1997 35th -  1997 30th - 1992 25th - 1987 20th - 1982

            This photograph is used with the full
            permission of Mattox Photography,

            Telephone: 703-578-0900. (To purchase
            copies, contact Mattox Photography)

            A left-click on the thumbnail (small image) will provide an enlarged version for better viewing.  Then, in order to RETURN to this page, please left-click the 'BACK BUTTON']

            Listing of Our Found Classmates
            Name Format: Nicknames appear in (parenthesis); a second-name used instead of the first-name is underlined; and the women's married surnames appear in italicized and bold type (Name)
            Because of privacy concerns, you must contact the class representative for the alumni's address
            Below will be a list of classmates for whom we have current addresses. But, this information could change. Please inform us (via e-mail, or telephone) if you have a change or modification of address, telephone number, contact, email address or other pertinent information. Pertinent information includes married name, spouse's name, etc. Additionally, the post office will sometimes change street addresses even if you don't move. Please don't forget to let us know when that happens. Please forward any new information to your Class Rep:
            1. AIKEN, Edwin W.
            2. ALLPORT, Sarah Robertson
            3. ALMAND, Nancy Ator
            4. ATOR, Lloyd
            5. AUBRY, Richard J., Jr.
            6. AVEY, Patricia Elizabeth (Pat) Walters
            7. AYLESWORTH, Nancy Riethmeier 
            8. BAKER, Kemper W., Jr.
            9. BAYON, Barry
            10. BAYLOR, Timothy (Tim)
            11. BECKWITH, Theodore
            12. BEALL, Clarence W. (Buddy)
            13. BEAUDIN, William Peter (Bill)
            14. BENNETT, Nicholas L. (Nick)
            15. BENSON, Kathleen B. (Kassy)
            16. BERGEN, Douglas R.
            17. BLANKENSHIP, Judy Phillips
            18. BLIVESS, Carol Miller
            19. BOBBITT, Edgar William (Billy)
            20. BOGGS, Carolyn Oettel
            21. BOHLING, John W.
            22. BOOTH, Claire A.
            23. BORDEN, Judy Brandt
            24. BORGESON, Phyllis O'Connell
            25. BOYD, Richard C., Sr.
            26. BOYUM, Marcelle (Mimi) Tackaberry
            27. BROWN, Jane Whitaker
            28. BROWN, Janet Bowman
            29. BROWN, Nicholas Kirkpatrick (Pat) 
            30. BRYAN, William P. (Bill)
            31. BROWNING, Karetta Hubbard
            32. BROWNLOW, Jane Wilson
            33. BURDETTE, Patricia Layton
            34. BURKETT, Myrl H.
            35. BURNER, Charlotte Becker
            36. BURROUGHS, William Michael (Mike) 
            37. BUSH, David 
            38. BUSHWAY, Jeff C.
            39. CAIN, Kathleen (Kathy) Muhlfield
            40. CALDWELL, C. Creed
            41. CARPENTER, Betty Mucha
            42. CARPENTER, Thomas (Tom) Lewis 
            43. CARR, Carol Blair
            44. CARSON, Sally Knostman
            45. CASEY, Patrick Shaun (Pat)
            46. CASKEY, James E., III
            47. CATRON, Linda Malone
            48. CERNY, Christine Marianne Brennan
            49. CHAPMAN, Walt
            50. CHARLTON, George F., Jr.
            51. CHRISTENSEN, Kaye O'Connell
            52. CLARK, Tom Edward (Tom)
            53. CLOTZMAN, Michael H. (Mike)
            54. COMPTON, Carol Phipps
            55. COOPER, M.R.
            56. CORNNELL, Betty Shaw
            57. COX, Charles Donald 
            58. CRAWFORD, Michael M. 
            59. CULTICE, Chris
            60. DEAN, William John (John)
            61. DECKER, Helen D. Reiser
            62. DE NUNZIO, Linda Morley
            63. DETWILER, Judith Ann (Judy)
            64. DEVONALD, Janet Deatherage
            65. DODGE, Richard B. (Rick)
            66. DUBRAQUE, Nabil
            67. DUNCAN, Gwen Padgett
            68. DUNSON, Keith L.
            69. DURHAM, Ginni Eagan
            70. ELIEL, Ann Chandler
            71. EKEWISE, Gail Chambers
            72. ELSBERG, Betty Lee Hubbard
            73. EWELL, Mary Steed
            74. FOX, Clifton S
            1. FRITZ Bonnie von KUEGELGEN
            2. GAGE, John Durham
            3. GARDNER, Patricia (Patty) Nettles
            4. GARREN, Sandra Dupree
            5. GARRETT, James 
            6. GARRISON, Therese Janin (Terry) Balzarini
            7. GAYS, Richard
            8. GEER, Ed
            9. GEOGHEGAN, Gail Hammond Shaffer
            10. GEYER, Richard D. (Dick)
            11. GILLIAM, Michael (Mike)
            12. GLODECK, Edward
            13. GRAFFEO, Anthony G.
            14. GROW, George
            15. HALLER, Ralph
            16. HAMMOND, Patricia Lee Florio
            17. HARDY, Mary Beth Mathews
            18. HAVERKAMP, John
            19. HAZZARD, David K.
            20. HEIN, Judith (Judy) Harrell
            21. HEISTER, Mary Beth
            22. HENDERSON, Phillip A.
            23. HERRINGTON, Caryl Moleon
            24. HERTER, William
            25. HICKSON, Letitia Arno
            26. HOLDSWORTH, Kathryn A. Sheeley
            27. HUBER, Linda Wilson
            28. HUDSON, Margaret Dougherty
            29. HUGHES, Carolyn F. Hill
            30. HUSKEY, Dianna Lee Soderquist
            31. JACK Robert M.
            32. JOHNSON, Cliff R.
            33. JORDAN, Harry A.
            34. KADEL, Mary Josephine Dogan
            35. KATZ, Daniel M. (Dan)
            36. KAY, Paul
            37. KENNEDY, Candice Shuman
            38. KENNEDY, Elbridge, Jr.
            39. KIDWELL, Suzanne E.
            40. KING, Angus S.
            41. KNIGHT, James M
            42. KNOTT, Victoria W. (Vicki) Bodnar
            43. LANDES, Sandra Sutton
            44. LANE, Patricia Louise (Pat)
            45. LEIST, Alice Sherrill 
            46. LILLIE, James L. (Jim)
            47. LIVINGSTON, S. William (Bill)
            48. LONDON,  Nancy Kantor 
            49. LYNCH, Keith Owen (Jack)
            50. MABRY, John Michael
            51. MacDONALD, Guilford L.
            52. McGRATH, Richard
            53. McSHANE, Michael (Mike)
            54. MAGGIO, Sharon Lebowitz
            55. MANESS, Michael Carl
            56. MANNING, Robert F.
            57. MARTIN, Patricia Ann Garrett
            58. MENG, Ann (Andy) Whitehouse
            59. MINOGUE, Sarah Weitzel
            60. MITCHELL, John Calvin
            61. MOORE, Douglas Alan (Doug)
            62. MORRIS, Thomas E. (Tommy)
            63. MOUSHEGIAN, James (Jim)
            64. MUNRO, Craig M.
            65. MURPHY, Lucy Dubraque
            66. NAUMAN, Charles Jeffrey
            67. NELSON, Andria Lynn
            68. NELSON, Don
            69. NELSON, Mary Lou
            70. NEUENDORFFOR, Nancy M. Reed
            71. NICHOLS, David B.
            72. NICHOLS, Donna
            73. NOONAN, Norman D.
            74. O’BRIEN, Kathleen Crispin
            1. ODEN, Margaret (Peggy) Hamaker
            2. O'MEARA, John Michael (Mike)
            3. PARK, Susan (Susie) Ward
            4. PARKINSON, Patricia (Patti)
            5. PECK, Sheila Rogers 
            6. PHELPS, Donna Kay White
            7. PHILIP, George
            8. PISKUR, Fran Jorda
            9. PONDER, Sheila Jean Nicholson
            10. POWELL, Joan Greene
            11. PRATCHENKO, Paul
            12. PURYEAR, Harriett (Happy) Urick
            13. RASMUSSEN, Jean Brown
            14. REDMON, Ronald E.
            15. REED,  Jay C., Jr.
            16. RICHESON, Mary Kay Wenk
            17. ROBERTSON, Greg
            18. ROSS, Betty Ennis
            19. ROTHWELL, Charlie
            20. SANDERS, Margaret Sides
            21. SANDERS, Milton R. (Dick)
            22. SATHMARY, Elizabeth Jean (Liz) Jenkins
            23. SATTERFIELD, Raymond S., Jr.
            24. SAUER, Lloyd
            25. SCHAFER, Charles J. (Chuck)
            26. SCOTT, Barbara Morris
            27. SCOURBY, Helene Sirpis
            28. SELINSKY, Bonnie S. Franklin
            29. SHAW, Richard H.
            30. SHORT, Steve
            31. SKILES, Trish Kulak
            32. SLATTERY, Carol Glesenkamp
            33. SMITH, J. Martin
            34. SMITH, Janet Moody
            35. SMITH, Pamela Moore 
            36. SONSTELIE, Richard R.
            37. SPAULDING, Catherine Elizabeth (Cathy) Black
            38. STANCIL, Charlie
            39. STANLEY, David W.
            40. STEMCOSKY, David
            41. STITES, Robert
            42. STOGSDILL, Charles Herbert (Herb)
            43. SUCHER, Anthony J., III (Tony)
            44. SUTTON, Glenn
            45. SURINA, John
            46. SWAYNE, Rex L.
            47. SWEENEY, Mark
            48. SWIFT, Sheila Patrick
            49. SWISHER, James H. (Jim)
            50. SYKES, Victor V. (Vic)
            51. TASHMAN, Gary Alan
            52. THOMPSON, Oleta Hamilton
            53. TOUART, John
            54. TRENT, Sandi Rothwell
            55. TROTTER, Martha Eisenacher
            56. TUCK, Linda Kaye
            57. TURNER, Sharon Eagle
            58. VANDERVOORT, Ben
            59. VARNEY, Charles R.
            60. VAUGHN, Fred
            61. WANTZ, Warren
            62. WARD, Rick
            63. WATKINS, George (Mickey)
            64. WEAVER, Bonnie Sue (Bonnie) Jenkins
            65. WEIR, William F.
            66. WENK, Walter
            67. WEYLAND, Cynthia Rollins
            68. WHITE, Rita Bougois
            69. WHITMORE, Connie Gramm
            70. WILLIAMS, Christopher Travis
            71. WILLIAMS, George
            72. WILLIAMS, Susie Cluff
            73. WILSON, Ann
            74. WOLFSKILL, Ethel (Edie) Hedlin
            75. WORSLEY,  Terry Lee Kitchens

            Listing of Our Missing Classmates
            Name Format: Nicknames appear in (parenthesis); a second-name used instead of the first-name is underlined; and the women's married surnames appear in italicized and bold type (Name)
            Below will be a list of classmates for whom we do not have current addresses.  If you have addresses for any of them or any information which we can use to try to locate them, please let us know (via e-mail, or telephone) . This information might include an email address, married name, spouse's name, college attended, names of relatives (siblings, parents, cousins, etc. and classes if they went to GW or Hammond), employer, last address, etc. Please help us locate these classmates by forwarding any information you have to your Class Rep:
            1. BARRETT, Charles Powell 
            2. BARROS, Suzanne 
            3. BLAIR, Kathleen Marie
            4. BROWN, Charles Edwin 
            5. CALVIN, Christopher (Chris) Berg 
            6. CHASTAIN, Priscilla 
            7. CLEGG, Marshall Cardon 
            8. CONNOR, Kathleen 
            9. CONNORS, Gail Cobb (Gail)
            10. CONNORS, Stephen (Steve)
            11. COOPER, Bruce Paul
            12. CURTIS, Kenneth Henry
            13. DAVENPORT, Jack O.
            14. DODGE, Barbara Jean 
            15. DODGE, Judith Ann
            16. DUNGAN, Gary Lynn 
            17. ERICKSON, Patricia Kathleen (Kathy) 
            18. ESWORTHY, Grace Elizabeth (Gigi)
            19. EVANS, Martin Allen (Marty)
            20. GIBSON, Peter Verl
            21. GRAHAM, Diana S. 
            22. GRAHAM, Sharon Maxwell 
            23. GREER, Charlotte Faith 
            24. GUERRY, Jean Leanne 
            25. HANAVAN, James Mitchell (Jim)
            26. HATHCOCK, Mary Lee
            27. HENDERSON, Philip Anthony (Tony)
            1. HEPPNER, Ramona Kay (Kay) 
            2. HERRICK, Michelle Anne 
            3. HEYL, Sally Elizabeth 
            4. HOLDSWORTH, Kathryn Anita 
            5. HUFFMAN, Arlene Jeanette (Bobbi) 
            6. IBRAHIM, Suheil Saleh 
            7. JARRETT, Patti Lou 
            8. JENSEN, James Richard (Jim)
            9. JENSON, Karen
            10. JOHNSON, Joseph William (Joe)
            11. JORDAN, Harry Allen
            12. KEMP, Kathleen Stuart
            13. KING, Michael Smith
            14. KULP, Bonnie Anne
            15. KUNZ, Charles M. (Chuck)
            16. LAWRENCE, Louise Ann
            17. LLOYD, Frederic Moore (Fred)
            18. LONG, Fred
            19. LUDLOW, Timothy Lawrence (Tim)
            20. MADSON, Mary Charlene
            21. MAXEY, Peggy Jane
            22. MCKINNEY, Bette Louise
            23. MERKLE, Matthew Brian
            24. MILAM, Alice Elizabeth (Pete)
            25. MONTGOMERY, Jerry Luke
            26. NUNEMAKER, Randall Kent (Randy)
            27. O'MEARA, Warren Patrick (Pat)
            1. PARRICK, Betty Lyn
            2. RADEL, Frances Cornelia (Neal)
            3. REDMON, Ronald Elwood
            4. RODMAN, William (Bill)
            5. ROSENTHAL, Lois Jane
            6. RUSHLOW, Nancy Aileen
            7. SAFELLE, Joyce Ann
            8. SELBY, Madeline
            9. SLYE, Howard Rae (Ray)
            10. SMITH, Joseph Stephen (Joe)
            11. SMITH, Julia Gertrude (Judy)
            12. SPILLANE, Catherine Elizabeth (Cathy)
            13. STEVENS, Brooke
            14. TAYLOR, Sharon Eileen
            15. THOMAS, Rebecca Ann (Becky)
            16. TOMS, Lyndall Rae (Lyn)
            17. TREGER, Carolyn Anita
            18. TYLEE, Donna Mary Linton
            19. UPRIGHT, David Michael
            20. VAUGHN, Jack Allen
            21. VEGA, Michael
            22. VESTAL, Molly Claire
            23. WARDEN, Karen Ann
            24. WHITE, Charles Robert (Chuck)
            25. WOOD, Joan Fithian


            Kenneth Clark ABLES
            Robert E. BABER
            Robert (Bob) BARNES
            Karyl Ann BAYLES

            James Dwaine (Jim)

            Sharon BURKE
            Lawrence (Bo)  J. BURR,  Jr.
            Robert William CLIREHUGH, Jr.
            Joan DeCOSS
            Robert Cecil (Bob) DAVIS
            Aidan Thorpe DEWEY
            Donald James DOUCET

            Brian GILLIAM
            Gary GRIFFITH
            Andrew Ivan GROSSMAN
            Karen Ann HAMILTON

            Brenda Lee HATTON Hinkley
            Steve HAZZARD
            Carolyn Ann HILLMAN
            Fred HUNDEMER
            Robert IHRMAN
            Lynn LITTLE Hatton
            Lynn LARRICK Henderson
            John LAYTON
            Paul MALLON

            Michael Roan MASSIE
            Pasquale Joseph Thomas MAZZOCCOLI
            James A. McKEE
            Edwin William (Bill) MOST
            Harriet Jayne OLDER
            Ernie PREVATT
            John R. SAR
            Kathryn June SCHMIDT
            Sue Ellen SCOTT
            Richard Wayne WATSON
            Linda Gay WILLIAMS
            Joan Stark WRATHER

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