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            Hammond Class of '61
            Our years from 1957 to 1961
            This page was last updated on Saturday August 18, 2012
             | MAIN
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            CLASS REPRESENTATIVE: Dennie Maupin
            FOUND  CLASSMATES: Please forward any NEW information to your Class Rep:
            MISSING CLASSMATES: Please help us locate these classmates by forwarding ANY information you may have to your Class Rep:
            DEPARTED CLASSMATES: Deceased classmate names and information  should  be verified before submission to tour Class Rep.  and all information must be verified before inclusion on the In Memoriam page.
            Anne Holcombe - Chair., 
            Myra Hull, Dennie Maupin
            Watson , Richard Petersen, Al Baker, Tom Hodges, Christine Nicoll Parson,
            Pam Gear
            Hesseltine , Mariane Beasey Herndon , Pat Baber, Carol Hall Baber, Bill Mack and Julia Bell 
            UPCOMING  REUNION INFO: Not Yet Available
            PAST REUNION INFO & PHOTOS: If anyone has any other photos to share, contact your Class Rep:
            The 40th Reunion was held on April 27, 2002 at Al Baker's house - the same location as the 35th Reunion. Great turnout! 

            Separate page of previous 
             '61 Class Reunion Photos

            Click here and go to the '61 Reunion Photos...

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            Listing of Our Found Classmates
            Name Format: Nicknames appear in (parenthesis); a second-name used instead of the first-name is underlined; and the women's married surnames appear in italicized and bold type (Name)
            Because of privacy concerns, you must contact the class representative for the alumni's address
            Below will be a list of classmates for whom we have current addresses. But, this information could change. Please inform us (via e-mail, or telephone) if you have a change or modification of address, telephone number, contact, email address or other pertinent information. Pertinent information includes married name, spouse's name, etc. Additionally, the post office will sometimes change street addresses even if you don't move. Please don't forget to let us know when that happens. Please forward any new information to your Class Rep
            1. ACKOR, Patricia (Pat)
            2. ADDISON, Kathy Stewart 
            3. ADAMS, Judith (Ricki) Stouffer                          
            4. AHRENHOLZ, Robert (Bob)
            5. ALBERTOLLI, Carmen Daughtry Pinkowsky
            6. ALBERTOLLI, William R. (Willy)
            7. ALEXANDER, Madeline (Madge) Bounds
            8. ANDERSON, Elizabeth (Liz) Edwards
            9. APPERSON, Andrew C. (Andy)
            10. ARVESON, Paul
            11. ASH, Russell
            12. BABER, Patrick W. (Pat)
            13. BAKER, Emanuel Albert (Al)
            14. BEACHAM, Lowrie M., III
            15. BEALKE, Betsy Shanafelt
            16. BEASEY, Mariane Rodriguez Herndon
            17. BELL, Julia
            18. BIGELOW, Christopher M. (Chris)
            19. BLASER, Judith (Judy) Bachelder
            20. BLOOD, Susan Wilson 
            21. BORKOWSKI, Joyce Donald
            22. BOWMAN, John E., Jr.
            23. BRAGG, Val
            24. BRENZOVICH, Thomas A.
            25. BRESNEHAN, Susan Wamsley   
            26. BRODERICK, Kevin J.
            27. BROWN, Timothy
            28. BROWNING, Judith (Judy) Andrle  
            29. BROWNLOW, John F., III
            30. BURNER, William (Bill), III
            31. BURROUGH, Ann Armentrout 
            32. BURROUGHS, Charles B., Jr.
            33. BYRD, Charles H. (Charlie), II
            34. BYRD, Connie Boltz
            35. CAHILL, John Edward
            36. CALHOUN, Barbara Hilton  
            37. CAMPBELL, Frances (Duden) Hunt 
            38. CANADY, Cathy Cottrell
            39. CARNE, Carolyn L. (Sister Carolyn)
            40. CARROLL, Janis M.
            41. CARTEN, Annon (Ann) Adams 
            42. CASEY, Linda Peopsel
            43. CHANCE, M. Kathryn (Kathy) Wood 
            44. CINTRON, Dennis R.
            45. CLARK, Patricia (Pat) 
            46. COLEMAN, Robert L.
            47. CONWAY, David H.  
            48. COOK, Saundra Lee
            49. COOPER, Maynard R. (Pete)
            50. CORRO, Peter F. (Pete)
            51. CRAVEN, Sharon Kinzer
            52. CROWELL, Ruth Duclos 
            53. CULTICE, Chryslie C.
            54. CURL, Gilbert W., Jr. (Gil)
            55. DABNEY, Virginius (Jinks)
            56. DALKIN, Darrell H.
            57. DAVIS, John P.
            58. DAY, Vicki Friend   
            59. DeMELKER, Jan Cole  
            60. DEUTERMAN, Charles T. (Bucky)
            61. DIMOND, Alan T.
            62. DOLD, Susan Thompson 
            63. DONOVAN, Peter M. (Pete)
            64. DOWELL, Bob E.
            65. DUBRAQUE, Nabil Rushdi
            66. DUMAS, Jeanne Smiley 
            67. DUPREE, John B.
            68. DUQUETTE, Judith (Judy) Maish
            69. EGELAND, Andrew M., Jr. (Andy)
            70. EICKEMEYER, Starr Hinrichs
            71. EKIRCH, Cheryl Remley
            72. EVEREST, Aaron Joseph (Joe)
            73. FAHL, Douglas R.
            74. FERNANDEZ, Vicki Shaffer
            75. FOWLER, Elizabeth P. (Betsy)
            1. FOX, Linda Lloyd
            2. FRY, Susan Shaffer
            3. GARREN, Brenda Swartz   
            4. GAUSS, Sharon Mills
            5. GEER, Edward
            6. GEER, Pamela (Pam) Hesseltine
            7. GINN, Ronald J.
            8. GOMBERG, Eleanor R.
            9. GOODWIN, Rita Dunn    
            10. GRAHAM, Lynne Siefert 
            11. GRIFFIN, Cecelia Angevine
            12. GROVES, Sue Ann Armstrong 
            13. HAAS, Carol Kelley
            14. HADDOCK, Sandra Egeler 
            15. HALL, Carol Baber 
            16. HALL, Sally Whitehurst  
            17. HALTER, Paul W.
            18. HARDING, Linda Grove
            19. HARLAN, Margo Susan Thibodeau
            20. HARLESS, Richard G.
            21. HARRELD, David L. (Dave)
            22. HARRIS, Carol Metcalf
            23. HARTEL, Karla Tedtsen 
            24. HATCH, Sally Swartz
            25. HERRELL, Jeanne Clary   
            26. HEWITT, Douglas
            27. HILL, Ruth Simmons
            28. HOBAN, James L.
            29. HODGE, Raymond
            30. HODGES, Thomas B. (Tom)
            31. HOLCOMBE, Ann
            32. HOLIEN, Maurice
            33. HOPE, Lawrence W.
            34. HOUGH, Patsy Stein
            35. HOWARD, Carol Lawson 
            36. HUGHES, Marianne Rizzo  
            37. HULL, Myra Gillum       
            38. HUNT, William B (Bill)
            39. HURST, Anne Harrington
            40. IRVING, Thurman
            41. IVERSON, Robert (Bob)
            42. JACKSON, Nancy Grimes
            43. JEBO, Donald R.
            44. JOHANNES, Patricia Dodd
            45. JONES, Jonathan (Jon)
            46. JULIANO, Elaine Smith
            47. KELLY, Thomas Mathew (Tom
            48. KEMERY, Christine Harkness
            49. KERR, Richard B. (Dick)
            50. KING, James C.
            51. KING, Kenneth R., M.D.
            52. KNOX-DICK, Henry C.M., III
            53. LAW, Charles E., Jr., M.D.
            54. LAYTON, Suzanane
            55. LEWIS, Corinne Conlon
            56. LICARI, Charles J.
            57. LIVINGSTON, Betsey Useem
            58. LOFTUS, John A. (Jack)
            59. MACK, William P., Jr. (Bill)
            60. MALLON, John J., Jr.
            61. MAUPIN, Denise (Dennie)Watson
            62. MAXEY, Patricia (Pat) Lausier
            63. McBRIDE, Paulette
            64. McCAFFREY, Nancy Freeman
            65. McCORMACK, Mary Bryan
            66. McCULLY, Marilyn J.
            67. McDONALD, Gretchen Holliday
            68. McGUIRE, Patricia (Pat) O’Connell
            69. McKINNEY, Craig
            70. McWILLIAMS, Herbert M. (Herb)
            71. MILLER, Carol Lloyd
            72. MILLER, Linda Whitton
            73. MINOGUE, Mary Anna Feitler
            74. MORGAN, J. Daniel (Dan)
            1. MOUSHEGIAN, Vahan, Jr.
            2. MUCHA, Walter Larry
            3. NICOLL, Christine Parson
            4. NORWOOD, Patricia Lou (Pat) Burke
            5. PARKER, Allen D.
            6. PARMER, Larry P.
            7. PAULSON, Nancy Geiger
            8. PETERSEN, Richard J. (Pete)
            9. PETERSILIA, Martin J.(Marty)
            10. PLATT, Michael H.
            11. POLAND, Janet Isaac
            12. PORETZ, Barry R.
            13. PROSSER, Ann Spivak
            14. RASOR, Mary Armstrong
            15. REED, Jay C.
            16. RENSHAW, Frank W.
            17. RIGG, Sally Meats
            18. ROBERTS, Murray Mux
            19. ROBERTSON, Danny R.
            20. ROBINSON, Judith (Judy) Hager
            21. ROGERS, Judith (Judy)Waller
            22. ROTH, John
            23. ROZAMUS, Kathleen (Kathy) Michaels
            24. RUSHDI, N. (see Dubraque)
            25. SAELI, Jeffrey A. (Jeff)
            26. SANCHEZ, Jean Zolnowski
            27. SCHAFER, John C.
            28. SCRUGGS, Jane Polson
            29. SECREST, Lawrence W. (Larry)
            30. SHAW, Theodore D. (Teddy)
            31. SHEEHAN, Patrick A. (Pat)
            32. SHINDERMAN, Paul G.
            33. SHORT, Steve N.
            34. SHULZ, Shirley Markham
            35. SIMMONS, Marla J. (Chris)
            36. SMALL, Stephen A. (Steve)
            37. SMITH, Joe Ann Erickson
            38. SMITH, Karen Marrs
            39. SMITHERS, Emmy Rotenizer
            40. SPANGLER, Lawrence E. (Larry)
            41. SPODEN, E. Gary
            42. SPRINGER, Susan (Sue) Normand
            43. STANSBURY, Carmen Peyer
            44. STOCKES, Raymond J. (Ray)
            45. STUCKER, Lynda Dickerson
            46. SUTTON, Elizabeth (Beth) Norman
            47. TAYLOR, Ronald G. (Ron)
            48. TAYLOR, Natalie Vertrees
            49. TENCH, Judy Gaye
            50. THOMPSON, Judith (Judy) Spears
            51. THORPE, James L. (Jim)
            52. THIRKIELD, Phoebe Roth
            53. TRATTNER, Gail Buckley
            54. TRUEWORTHY, Burnett T.(Burny)
            55. UPCHURCH, Nancy Blackwell
            56. WALKER, David Neill
            57. WALKUP, H. Alan
            58. WALTZ, F. Randall, III (Randy)
            59. WATKINS, George
            60.  WEST, Robert W. (Bob)
            61. WHITE, Frankie Zah
            62. WHITE, Louise
            63. WHITSON, E. Gilson, Jr. (Gil)
            64. WHITTER, W. Ross
            65. WHITWORTH, Nancy Lavalle Perkins
            66. WILBER, Stephanie (Stevie) Danhi
            67. WILLIAMSON, Kathleen Barmon
            68. WOLF, Susan (Sue) Ross
            69. WOLFE, Donna Shinderman
            70. WOOD, Lynne Lee
            71. WOOD, Mary Lou Shepard
            72. WOODING, Pamela (Pam) Gagen
            73. WORKMAN, James W.
            74. YORCZYK, Robert S.

            Listing of Our Missing Classmates
            Name Format: Nicknames appear in (parenthesis); a second-name used instead of the first-name is underlined; and the women's married surnames appear in italicized and bold type (Name)
            Below will be a list of classmates for whom we do not have current addresses.  If you have addresses for any of them or any information which we can use to try to locate them, please let us know (via e-mail, or telephone) . This information might include an email address, married name, spouse's name, college attended, names of relatives (siblings, parents, cousins, etc. and classes if they went to GW or Hammond), employer, last address, etc. Please help us locate these classmates by forwarding any information you have to your Class Rep:
            1. ABSHER, Howard William
            2. ADAMS, Sara Catlett
            3. ARTHUR,  Meredith Conray, Jr.
            4. BAKER, Roger Thomas
            5. BAKER, Susan Jane
            6. BOATWRIGHT, John Calvin, Jr. (Jack)
            7. BROOKE, James Edmondson
            8. BURCH, Hanna Robinson (Robin)
            9. BURGOYNE, Martha Anne (Petey).
            10. BUTCHER, Edward John, Jr.
            11. BUTLER, Jon Stephen
            12. CHAPMAN, Richard Warren
            13. CHASTAIN, Alexandria Lee
            14. CHICK, Susan
            15. CHRISTIAN, Michael Tod
            16. CLARK, William Randolph
            17. COLLINET, Marlene Elizabeth
            18. CONE, John Martin Jr.
            19. COOKSTON,  Robert Lloyd, Jr.
            20. COUZINOS, David George
            21. CRIMEN, Susan
            22. DAILY, Gay Ruth
            23. DEAN, Richard Thomas
            24. DIXON, Mary Virginia
            25. DUNN, Paul Michael
            1. FELTS, Alvin William
            2. FETTERS, David Vinson
            3. FIELD, Gretchen
            4. FLEET, Leslie Gene.
            5. GREEN, Robert Hamman (Bobby)
            6. GURAL, Sandra Lee
            7. HAWKINS, Daisy Marion
            8. HAYES, Sherry  L.
            9. HEJL, Beverly Jayne
            10. HERRIES, Kay Frances
            11. HERRING, Martha Anne
            12. HILL, John Arthur
            13. HINES, John Edwin
            14. HODGES, Wendall Dahlgren
            15. HOPKINS, Ann Branigar
            16. HOWARD, Bruce Hayes
            17. HYUN, John David
            18. JACKSON, Gail Melvin II
            19. JACKSON, Larry Keith
            20. KEHL, Valiant Brama (Brama)
            21. KETCHUM, Ronald Barrtlett,
            22. KIMBELL, Mary Katherine (Kathy)
            23. LEFLER, Carolyn Lee
            24. LEWIS, Judy
            25. LIGON, John Michael
            26. LONG, Sidney Denise
            1. McDONALD, Gretchen Ann
            2. MENAUGH, Judth  Ann (Judy)
            3. MESSER, Ann Grover
            4. MOORE, Harry Christopher, Jr. (Chris)
            5. MURPHY, Patricia Ann
            6. NELSON, Helen Faye
            7. NELSON, Tarah Annyce
            8. NOEL, Claudia Ann
            9. OGREN, Susan Jane
            10. OLSON, Stephen Jay
            11. PARK, Robert James
            12. PISHNEY, Sandra DeEtta
            13. PLOTT, Patricia Jayne (Patti)
            14. PORTER, Barbara Anne
            15. POSTON, Thomas Stanford
            16. STEWART, Loretta Ann
            17. THORPE, James Louis
            18. VARALLO, Leonard  James  Jr.
            19. VENN, Christine Elizabeth
            20. VOGEL, Thomas B.
            21. WALKER, Bonnie Ann
            22. WALKER, Glenn David
            23. WARFIELD, John James
            24. WEID, Diana Marie
            25. WILL, James Byron
            26. WILLIAMS, Polly Bercaw


            Walter Herschel ALLEN
            Susie BAUGHMAN
            Clare CASEY
            Jane CHISHOLM Cromer
            Catherine Anne CORNELL Eberly
            Stephen Charles CRANDALL
            Susan CRIMIN Osborne
            Linda DANIELSON Ellis
            Judy DOWELL

            Betty Jo EWAN
            June Floyd GREENWALT

            Catherine (Cathy) HASTINGS
            Donald B. HUBBARD, Jr.

            Jennifer (Jenny) JESTER Mallon
            Karen JONES Nesselrodt
            John O. KINZER
            Raymond MASSEY
            JONES Miller
            Gwen MILLS Underwood

            James (Jim) C. PATTERSON
            Donald (Donnie) Roy PORTER
            Tom QUAM
            Patsy RAGLAND
            Donald R. (Don) SHIFFLETT
            Paul Jerry TRIBLES
            John (Jack) William VARNEY
            Nancy WEST
            Robert W. (Bob) WEST

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