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            Hammond Class of '59
            Our years from 1954 to 1959
            This page was last updated on Saturday June 04, 2011
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            CLASS REPRESENTATIVE: Marjorie Evans Rios
            FOUND  CLASSMATES: Please forward any NEW information to your Class Rep:
            MISSING CLASSMATES: Please help us locate these classmates by forwarding ANY information you may have to your Class Rep:
            DEPARTED CLASSMATES: Deceased classmate names and information  should  be verified before submission to tour Class Rep.  and all information must be verified before inclusion on the In Memoriam page.
            Margie EVANS Rios , Mary Ellis WHITE Fannon , Joanne SONOSKY Hirsch Stephens
            UPCOMING  REUNION INFO: Not Yet Available
            PAST REUNION INFO & PHOTOS: If anyone has any other photos to share, contact your Class Rep:

             '58-'59 HAMMOND/GW
            2008 Reunion Photos
            will soon appear here

            The big weekend was October 3, 4, and 5, 2008  for the Classes of 58 and 59. We joined with GW classes of 58 and 59 for a gala 50th class reunion at the Holiday Inn at First St. in Alexandria!
               See below for Reunion Photo Pages.

            '58-'59 HAMMOND/GW
            2003 Reunion Photos

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            on  'CLOSE' to return here.)

            The 2003 reunion was held September 2003 with the classes of 58 and 59 from GWHS & Hammond, the only two classes that started together with our eighth grade at Jefferson School and freshman year at GWHS and graduated from two schools. It was hard to determine who graduated from which school or whether they were class of 58 or 59 since we all attended school at the same time. Those from our class had a great time.  The '59 reunion committee worked closely with the Hammond '58 reunion committee as there was a joint reunion with Hammond '58 and '59 and GW '58 and '59 on September 19-21, 2003.  

            Listing of Our Found Classmates
            Name Format: Nicknames appear in (parenthesis); a second-name used instead of the first-name is underlined; and the women's married surnames appear in italicized and bold type (Name)
            Because of privacy concerns, you must contact the class representative for the alumni's address
            Below will be a list of classmates for whom we have current addresses. But, this information could change. Please inform us (via e-mail, or telephone) if you have a change or modification of address, telephone number, contact, email address or other pertinent information. Pertinent information includes married name, spouse's name, etc. Additionally, the post office will sometimes change street addresses even if you don't move. Please don't forget to let us know when that happens. Please forward any new information to your Class Rep:
            1. Agnew, James (Jim) Anthony
            2. Allport, Braxton
            3. Arthur, Shirley Ann Holien
            4. Aylesworth, Margaret (Maggie) Ann Ross
            5. Baker, Kathleen (Kathy) Alexander Rice
            6. Ball, Ronald (Ronnie) Kenneth
            7. Barden, Margaret Nancy
            8. Basom, William Nash
            9. Bealke, Gretchen Ann Bacon
            10. Beamer, Alan Roland
            11. Blakemore, Carlotta D. Merdeith
            12. Blumenthal, Jack Irving
            13. Boran, Roland (Mike) Michael
            14. Bourgois, Patricia Jeanne
            15. Bove, Ronald (Ronnie) James
            16. Bowen, Margaret (Edie) Edith Easley
            17. Bowlby, Susan (Sue) Adele Oliver
            18. Brownfield, Barbara Virginia Rushing
            19. Buckley, John Reed, Jr.
            20. Burke, Frederick (Bill) William
            21. Burke, Richard (Dick) Lennox
            22. Burleson, Elizabeth (Betty) Douglass
            23. Butler, Margaret Patricia (Pat) Woycheese
            24. Byars, Anne Keller Hyder
            25. Carroll, Mary Louise
            26. Clotzman, Susan (Sue) Virginia Bernhard
            27. Cooper, Barbara Gregory
            28. Cooper, Lynn Cynthia Pease Keffer
            29. Cordrey, Betty Ray Wiseman
            30. Crane, Warren Charles
            31. Crowell, Mary Frances
            32. Danielson, Carroll (Dan) Victor
            33. Day, Gloria Annette Newton
            34. Denholm, Kenneth (Larry) L
            35. Devine, William (Bill) Edward
            36. Devonald, Ann Carol Lash
            37. Donnahue, Margaret F
            38. Doran, Edward (Eddie) Willis
            39. Dougherty, Sharon Kay Taylor
            40. Dow, Peter (Pete) Munson
            41. Duncan, Jean Carolyn
            42. Duncan, Phillip (Phil) Pendleton
            43. England, Barbara
            44. Engquist, John Quam
            45. Estill, Samuel (Sam) Mason
            1. Evans, Marjorie (Margie) Fleece Rios
            2. Felts, Edward (Eddie) Lee
            3. Flaitz, Carolyn Virginia Jones
            4. Forsman, Alpheus (Al) Edwin
            5. Forsman, Donna Louise
            6. Frutchey, Ann Elizabeth
            7. Garrett, Janna Aronedith Warner
            8. Gentner, William (Bill) Ellis
            9. Gillespie, Julia (Judy) Elizabeth Marks
            10. Glymph, James (Jimmy) L
            11. Graffeo, Michael (Mike) Charles
            12. Hadzima, Andrew (Drew) Edward
            13. Hale, Elizabeth (Bizzy)
            14. Haley, Stephen Lawrence
            15. Hamilton, William (Chris) Lambert
            16. Hartel, Dorothy Linda
            17. Haughey, Maeve (Muvvie) Elizabeth Reddin
            18. Hayes, Patricia (Pat) Jean Derrickson
            19. Heatwole, Judith (Judy) Heatwole Kremer
            20. Hoof, Charles Rapley
            21. Jack, Howard Corwin
            22. Jones, Arnold (Arnie) Wayne
            23. James, Blanche (Bunny)
            24. Jones, Ronald (Ronnie) Douglas
            25. Kemp, Sarah Jane Brady
            26. Kennedy, Wardlee Liberti
            27. Kerr, Martha Elizabeth
            28. King, Joan Lilla Meiklejohn
            29. Kinzer, Edward (Ed) Mason
            30. Koerner, Ronald F
            31. Lawter, James (Jim) Gray
            32. Lee, Edward Wynn
            33. Lunt, Gerald (Jerry) Welliver
            34. Lyngard, Richard John
            35. Mauck, Joan Carol Volk
            36. McCaffery, Kay Harriet Anderson
            37. McEntee, Jill South Catino
            38. McLaughlin, Patricia (Pat) Eileen LaBue
            39. Mesnig, Lynn Carol Candler
            40. Moore, Richard
            41. Morris, William (Billy)
            42. Mullen, Carol Coleman Schmidt
            43. Mullen, Lela (Connie) Constance Russell
            44. Nalls, Thomas (Tom) William
            45. Nelson, Ann Davis
            1. Norvell, Mary Sue Pierce
            2. Parker, Denison (Denny) Ashby
            3. Pennington, Russell A
            4. Peterson, Diane Gonzales
            5. Pfeiffer, William (Bill) F
            6. Pillsbury, Glenn Gray
            7. Plybon, Carolyn Ann
            8. Polk, Barbara Ann Fay
            9. Prevatt, Banks Goodall
            10. Prouse, Mary-Lee Taylor
            11. Rathbun, Nancy Scott
            12. Rixse, John (Jay) Henry
            13. Robertson, Alaric Alvis
            14. Schoonover, James (Jim) F
            15. Shackelford, Linda Ruth Yates
            16. Shaw, Robert (Bob) Anthony
            17. Silbert, Dorothy (Dottie) Lee King
            18. Siragusa, John
            19. Smith, Cameron Leroy
            20. Smith, Page Adams
            21. Sonosky, Joanne (Jo) Stevens
            22. Starr, Donald (Don) C
            23. Stewart, Elizabeth (Anne) Ann
            24. Tapscott, Dorothy (Dottie) Grace Oliver
            25. Tindula, Roy Vernon
            26. Trotter, Robert (Bob) Edward
            27. Truxell, James (Jim) McGregor
            28. Van Swol, Noel
            29. Vennel, Virginia (Ginger) Grainger
            30. VonDohlen, Henry W
            31. Vopatek, Michael (Mike) Joseph
            32. Wallace, Roger Neil
            33. Waltz, Elizabeth (Liz) Marsh
            34. Warner, Ernest Ray
            35. Waters, Phyllis Wayne Gartshore
            36. Webb, George Shettler
            37. Weitzell, Roy Everett
            38. West, Barbara West Lunsford
            39. West, Gale (Westie)
            40. White, Anne Elizabeth Lewis
            41. White, Mary Ellis Fannon
            42. Whitmer, Barbara (Bobbi) Treanor
            43. Wolf, Ronald (Ronnie) Allen
            44. WYSS, Jean Gordon
            45. Zachmann, Kathleen (Kathy) Anita Pugh

            Listing of Our Missing Classmates
            Name Format: Nicknames appear in (parenthesis); a second-name used instead of the first-name is underlined; and the women's married surnames appear in italicized and bold type (Name)
            Below will be a list of classmates for whom we do not have current addresses.  If you have addresses for any of them or any information which we can use to try to locate them, please let us know (via e-mail, or telephone) . This information might include an email address, married name, spouse's name, college attended, names of relatives (siblings, parents, cousins, etc. and classes if they went to GW or Hammond), employer, last address, etc. Please help us locate these classmates by forwarding any information you have to your Class Rep:
            1. Allen, Mary Lizu
            2. Baker, Dan (Danny)
            3. Barker, Brenda Darlyn Rogers
            4. Bradley, Russell (Russ) Lee
            5. Buckley, Marguerite (Maggy) Patricia
            6. Burner, James (Jim)
            7. Coddington, Jean (Jeanie) Marie
            8. Compton, Nancy Lee
            9. Cragg, Thomas
            10. Croker, George (Bill) William
            1. Davis, Anthony
            2. Edelman, Sylvia
            3. Florance, Linda May
            4. Fry, Thomas (Tom) Markham
            5. Hall, Sarah (Sally) Miles
            6. Jacobs, Helen Marie
            7. Kelley, Barbara (Bonnie) Jean
            8. McElhanon, Kelsa Sussan
            9. McMullan, Nancy Faye
            10. Nelson, Kathleen (Kathy) Ruby
            1. Petersen, Betty Emma
            2. Rankin, Linda C
            3. Schrup, Janet (Jancy) Kay
            4. Shaffer, Sandra (Sandy) Ann
            5. Thurman, Taylor
            6. White, Barbara
            7. White, Joanne Ladee
            8. Young, Gary Lunt 


            Susan (Sue) Eleanor BABYLON  Deal
            Archie (Winky) BRANSCOM Summers
            Martin Paul CLAUSSEN
            George (Chick) CONNERS
            Jane (Punky) GARNETT Rubin

            Raymond (Ray) Eugene HOTZCLAW
            Robert (Bob) Morris KERR
            Helen LAWHON

            Erleene Elizabeth LUCAS
            Daniel MALLOY
            Gabriel Kamohalii MARCIEL
            John Hundley MERCER
            Janet (Jan) Stuart MORENO Mason
            Janice (Jan) Marie NAYLOR Downes
            Rita Lee NICELEY Stofko
            Paula (PJ) Jane PETERSEN Lange

            Dave William REYNOLDS
            Perry C. ROUSH
            John WALDREP
            Robert (Bob) James WALTERS
            Robert (Bob) Henry WARSING
            Leon (Wink) Kohlman WHITEHOUSE
            Wendy Leigh WILSON

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